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we looooove talking with people about how they’re leveling the f up and since these are conversations we’re having on a regular basis, we thought,

why not record and share them so lots of other people can listen and learn along with us?!”



so, we have conversations with people about how they are Being exceptional (or brave or authentic or playful while not caring what other people think) and how that influences the success they’re creating in their lives.

notice we said “creating” and not just “having”.

you are a result of what you repeatedly do, which starts with what you repeatedly think, which means it’s urgently important to be awake and on purpose.



the hardly experts podcast can be heard on iTunes and Spotify and is a great way to feed yourself some positivity while…


so many “ings”

on hardly experts nate, harmony, and guest hosts talk with some really cool, funny and hella courageous people about what they’re really great at, what they know for sure and the stories that got them where they are now.


EPISODE 01 – JAN 01, 2020
self love w brittny king

+ description

brittny shares how she realized the missing piece to total wellness was self love and how to best create self love for (you guessed it) your SELF!!  

EPISODE 02 – JAN 7, 2020
entertainment news w matt peterson

+ description

matt shares what his gateway drug was into the world of entertainment news and how he’s been hooked ever since.

EPISODE 03 – JAN 14, 2020
valet parking w ryan rabish

+ description

EPISODE 04 – JAN 23, 2020
video storytelling w carly gilleland

+ description

carly shares how she loves the people behind allll the businesses she works with, what she would go back and change if she could, her favorite piece of equipment and the jobs she has to say “no” to.

EPISODE 05 – JAN 31, 2020
personal finance w chris trefry

+ description

chris trefry offers personal finance advice that will get you thinking about what you could be doing better to create more wealth in the short and long term. 

EPISODE 06 – FEB 06, 2020
gettin’ after it w nate lowrie

+ description

Nate shares what getting after it means, when he starting picking up on what to and what not to do in life, how he looks for the great in everyone and how the more effort he puts into life the more it returns to him.

+ description

with years of experience in the world of social media, carole knows the importance of being intentional with her time, how to be present while online and what tricks to implement for the greatest outcomes.

EPISODE 08 – JUNE 15, 2020
grit and grace w brooke boon

+ description

brooke boon shares how to cultivate a decisive attitude, who she is, what she’s living for, what sets her soul on fire and what her perfect day looks like.

+ description

listen in to learn where bonnie got the courage to advocate for others, what her core values are, if making the difficult decisions were worth the cost.

EPISODE 10 – JUN 30, 2020
starting a business w tessa kahoun

+ description

you may know her as a brave and very fun spin teacher, but do you also know she runs her own businesses? yes, plural. businesses. tessa kahoun is so badass. but don’t take our word for it, listen to our interview with her! (recorded in dec 2019)

EPISODE 11 – JULY 6, 2020
creating a community w lindsey schwartz

+ description

you should ONLY listen to this podcast with lindsey schwartz IF you love conversations that are: INSPIRING AF, FUNNY, THOUGHT-PROVOKING and/or SUUUPER INSPIRING. yes, we said “inspiring” twice. it’s THAT inspiring! oh look! we said it again!

so, although we talk about a wide variety of topics, there is a constant focus on epic success-building values like resiliency, gratitude, and positive mindsets. 



if you’re someone who can inspire others to be better, do better, live better-then you just might be the next guest on our show!

we looove hosting people who are willing to drop their knowledge, especially for the betterment of others. please reach out.

tell us a little about yourself and why you’d be a faaaaantastic guest!

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