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we inspire people to dream big, set goals, take action and drop mics!

who we are

we’re a team of authentic, fun, kinda funny and daring coaches who share wisdom through physical and mental exercises to help others up their mental game to get what they deserve!*

because we do it, we know there are benefits to regularly exercising the body and the mind – better relationships, better health, better work results, better success… come to think of it, better everything!!!

*love, peace, joy, purpose…

which is why we created the deep end

our 50-minute class inspires positive business and team outcomes by improving individual wellness.

you wanna grow? you gotta plan.

what we do

50 minutes +
5 components =

20 minutes of physical movement followed by 30 minutes of guided breathing, meditation, journaling, goal setting and an inspirational nugget


we’re cool because we care. we care about your experience, we care about your well-being, we care about your happiness.

why? because the happier you feel and the more optimistic you are, the more successful you will be personally and professionally.

we wanna be a part of your team’s habitual happiness!

what the owl is a deep end class?

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