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where do you go when you want to exercise your body?

I mean, there are 463 options soooooo, surely you can name at least one or two places, right? that is, if you, if fact, do exercise your body. If you don’t, then we gotta talk…like, NOWWWWWWW.


there are lots of places to exercise and improve the condition of your body, but very few where you can exercise and improve the condition of your mind. that’s what we noticed. which is why we started the deep end – a company that inspires people to think, speak and act intentionally to level the f up in all areas of their life.


you may have noticed our logo is an owl (and if you didn’t, now you know). why an owl tho? well, owls are often used as a symbol of wisdom and wisdom is exactly what we are interested in imparting with our students.

the owl’s name is “epic”

and he’s named after the greek philosopher, epictetus. epictetus believed that all external events are out of our control and should be calmly accepted. and tho he wasn’t alive to see wild posts on twitter, supermarkets run out of toilet paper and some of the outfits at burning man, we still think his beliefs are as true today as they were back then and want to help people learn how to create an inner calm.


we can summarize how we guide our students in four simple words: we teach tools.

and if you’re like, “ummm, that’s three words, not four” then you are aware of how important words are. words are very, very powerful. the ones you write, the ones you say and most especially, the ones you think.

so we give attention to them all and the most attention to the ones inside your head. the ones that are creating your emotions. which are creating your actions. which are creating your LIFE. let’s get our hands on that mental steering wheel and get you where you wanna go!!

meet your teacher harmony

  • 25 years living, breathing and teaching fitness
  • 17 years practicing mental and spiritual well-being
  • playful af
  • believes excellence on the outside begins on the inside
  • insists people add the unicorn emoji to her name in their contacts

meet your teacher nate

  • 20+ years strategic leadership
  • ultra athlete
  • playful af
  • believes in and practices kaizen (continuous improvement)
  • can’t go a day without forwarding an inspiring post to at least one person



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