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when in doubt, do anything

if i could go back, this is the advice i would give to my 18 year old self.  and the reason is: i’ve spent soooo much time trying to decide what would be the BEST thing to do that i’ve ended up doing NOTHING.  this applies to all kinds of things in my life, but mostly it’s about my dreams and desires to improve at something or create something.  i’ve been crippled with i. don’t. know. what. to. do.  so this past year i decided to JUST DO.  that looks like an incomplete nike ad.  but no.  because adding the nike “it” wouldn’t say what i mean. adding “it” would imply doing a very specific and well thought out thing and that’s where nike and i diverge.  what i’ve learned is – anydecision is better than no decision.  any direction is better than no direction.  any action is better than no action.  37 failed attempts are immeasurably better than zero attempts!!  so, with the help of some groovy people in my life, i started this company, the deep end, and a podcast called “hardly experts”.  and although neither of them are doing anything worth mentioning right now, i am incredibly happy that i got off my indecisive-ass and finally picked up the fucking ball. the ball is not yet rolling.  but the ball is finally and fantastically in my hands.

if you’re anything like me, for god’s sake, pick up the ball already.  JUST. DO.

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