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the r.a.d. writing experience

it’s my faaaaavorite part of a deep end class and it’s called the r.a.d. writing exercise.  the “r” stands for “release” which is how it begins.  we spend two minutes (and only two minutes, so we set a timer) writing about what’s super shitty in our lives right now.  and since we rip it up as soon as the timer goes off, we’re able to be very, very, very honest about how we feel.  we don’t have to worry about grammar, spelling or someone judging us as mean, superficial or pathetic, so it is truly an unfiltered expression of agitation.  what a relief to be so F R E E E E E E E !  so we bitch, complain and criticize for two brief minutes and then we RIP IT UP.  because, although we see great benefit in getting that kind of emotion up and out, we see zero benefit in saving and ever revisiting any of that negativity ever again. everrrrrrr.

now, with that racket off our chest, we can more easily do the next part of the exercise which is the “a” in r.a.d. – “appreciate”.   we’re pretty sure the word of the year in 2019 was “gratitude” so it’s highly likely you’re already aware of how positively positive it is to be (waiiiiit for it……) ….. positive!!!  yep. studies have proven the power of positivity over and over again in every area of life.  wanna do better at work? show some fucking gratitude.  wanna have a better relationship?  show some fucking gratitude.  wanna feel better about your body?  show it some fucking gratituuuude!!!   it’s not, wait for things to get better and THEN be grateful (which does sound super logical tho). nope.  it’s gratitude FIRST.  so, we set a timer for three minutes and write about anything and everything we think we are oh-so-lucky to have in our lives.  things like, an abundance of oxygen that our self-regulating body can use to keep us alive,  sugar-free cinnamon dolce syrup for our latte, a vehicle to get to the grocery store, the more-than-we-could-ever-need amount of variety and selection at the grocery store and so on.  especially right after writing about what’s not so great, writing about what IS feels i n c r e d I b l e.

with the release and appreciating done, all that’s left is the “d” – dream!  we set the timer for another three minutes and this time use our imagination to go into our future and create exactly what we want.  you know how you can go to a restaurant and get all specific about “no ice in my drink, extra, extrapickles, sauce on the side, appetizers out before the main meal and will you please turn that fan down?” ?  it’s like that.  but about our future days, weeks and years.  we get to get all this. is. exactly. what. would. make. me. happy., write it down as though it’s already happened(that present tense format is really important) and feel all giddy-excited thinking about what it will be like when we’ve accomplish all the things we desire.  is law of attraction a real thing?  we don’t know. but what we do know is that writing about an incredible future puts us in a very good mood and wonderfully positive state of mind.  and even if it’s only for three minutes, that’s three very nice minutes in our day.

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